Language name and location: Tanapag, Saipan Island, FSM [Refer to: Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区塔纳帕格, 密克罗尼西亚联邦马里安纳群岛 之塞班岛塔纳帕格村


1. eet [eːt], éét [ɶːt] 

21.  ruweiɡ me eew

2. rúúw [rɯːw]

22.  ruweiɡ me ruwoow

3. eel [eːl]

23.  ruweiɡ me eluuw

4. fáán [fæːn]

24.  ruweiɡ me faaw

5. liim [liːm]

25.  ruweiɡ me limoow

6. oon [oːn]

26.  ruweiɡ me onoow

7. fiis [fiːs], fúús [fɯːs]

27.  ruweiɡ me fisuuw

8. waal [waːl], waan [waːn]

28.  ruweiɡ me waluuw

9. tiiw [tiːw]

29.  ruweiɡ me tiwoow

10. heiɡ [heiɡ]

30.  ellig [eliːɡ]

11. heiɡ me eew [heiɡ me e-uwa]

40.  fááɡ [fæːiɡ]

12. heiɡ me ruwoow [heiɡ me rɯːw-uwa]

50.  limeiɡ [limeiɡ]

13. heiɡ me elluw [heiɡ me ele-/ili-uwa]

60.  oneiɡ [oneiɡ]

14. heiɡ me faaw

70.  fisiiɡ [fisiːɡ]

15. heiɡ me limoow

80.  waliiɡ [waliːɡ]

16. heiɡ me onoow

90.  tiweiɡ [tiweiɡ]

17. heiɡ me fisuuw

100. ebwúɡu [ebʷɯɡɯ] 

18. heiɡ me waluuw

200. ruwabwúɡu [ruwabʷɯɡɯ]

19. heiɡ me tiwoow

1000. anɡaras [aŋaras] / sanɡaras [saŋaras]

20. ruweiɡ [rɯweiɡ]

2000. ruwanɡaras [ruwaŋaras]


Linguist providing data and dateː Dr. James S. Ellis, Department of Linguistics, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hawaii, USA. August 16, 2006.

供资料的语言学家: Dr. James S. Ellis, 2006 年 8 月 16 日


Other comments: Tanapag or Northern Carolinian has a decimal system with several sets of classifiers which used with different nouns. Tanapag is a seriously endangered language with only ten speakers left. Now the young people below thirty do not speak Tanapag language any more and use English numeral system or Chamorro numeral system.


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