Language name and locationː Santali, India, Bangladesh [Refer to Ethnologue]
言名称和分布地区桑塔利语, 印度东部比哈尔邦及附近地区, 孟加拉, 尼泊尔, 不丹


1. mitˀ

21.  mitˀ isi mitˀ

2. bar

22.  mitˀ isi bar

3. pɛ

23.  mitˀ isi pɛ

4. pon

24.  mitˀ isi pon

5. mɔ̃ɽɛ̃

25.  mitˀ isi mɔ̃ɽɛ̃

6. turui

26.  mitˀ isi turui

7. eae

27.  mitˀ isi eae

8. irəl

28.  mitˀ isi irəl

9. arɛ

29.  mitˀ isi arɛ

10. gɛl

30.  mitˀ isi gɛl / pɛ gɛl

11. gɛl mitˀ

40.  bar isi / pon gɛl

12. gɛl bar

50.  bar isi gɛl / mɔ̃ɽɛ̃ gel

13. gɛl pɛ

60.  pɛ isi / turui gɛl

14. gel pon

70.  pɛ isi gɛl / eae gɛl

15. gɛl mɔ̃ɽɛ̃

80.  pon isi / irəl gɛl

16. gɛl turui

90.  pon isi gɛl / arɛ gɛl

17. gɛl eae

100. mit sae ( Hindi)

18. gɛl irəl

200. bar sae

19. gɛl are

1000. haɟar

20. mitˀ isi



Linguist providing data and dateː Dr. Suhnu R. Sharma, Deccan Research College, Pune, India, April 16, 1990.
Reference sourceː Neukom, Lukas, 2001. Santali, Languages of the World / Materials 323, Lincom Europa
供资料的语言学家: Dr. S. R. Sharma, 1990 年 4 月 16 日.


Other comments: Santali has a vigesimal numeral system with loanwords for hundred and thousand from Hindi. Reported on 22nd Ethnologue: Alternate Names: Har, Hor, Samtali, Sandal, Sangtal, Santal, Santali, Santhiali, Satar, Sentali, Sonthal. Autonym: Har Rar. User Population: 7,340,000 in India (2011 census). Total users in all countries: 7,620,280 (as L1: 7,619,300; as L2: 980). Location: Bihar state: Bhagalpur and Munger districts; Jharkhand state: Hazaribagh and Manbhum districts; Odisha state: Balasore district; West Bengal state: Bankura and Birbhum districts; Assam, Mizoram, and Tripura states. Language Status: Educational. Statutory language of provincial identity in Jharkhand State (1950, Constitution, Schedule VIII), amended 2003. Classification: Austro-Asiatic, Munda, North Munda, Kherwari, Santali: Dialects: Karmali (Khole), Kamari-Santali, Lohari-Santali, Manjhi, Paharia. Reportedly similar to Ho, Mundari, and Munda.Typology: SOV; postpositions; noun head final; no noun classes or genders; content q-word in situ; 1 prefix, up to 3 suffixes; clause constituents indicated by case-marking; verbal affixation marks person and number; non-ergative; both tense and aspect; passives and voice; nontonal; 33 consonant and 6 vowel phonemes. Language Use: Also use Sadri. Used as L2 by Birhor, Ho, Kharia, Kharia Thar, Mahali. Language of Santhal tribals of Chota Nagpur Plateau (comprising the states of Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha, Chhattisgarh). Hindu, traditional religion. Also Spoken In: Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal.


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