Language name and locationː Mehináku, Xingú Park, Brazil [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区梅希纳库语, 巴西


1. pawitsa [paˈwiʦa]

2. mipiyama [mipiˈjama ~ miˈpʲama]

3. kamayukula [kamajuˈkula]

4. mipiyama waka [mipiˈjama ˈwaka ~ miˈpʲama ˈwaka ] *

5. pawitsa wüxükũ [paˈwiʦa wɨȿɨˈkũ] ( litː 'one + hand' )

6. pawiʦa taputa [paˈwiʦa tapuˈta ] ( lit: 'taputa'= to go, 'go to other hand'  )

7. mipiyama taputa [mipiˈjama tapuˈta]

8. kamayukula taputa [[kamajuˈkula tapuˈta]

9. mipiyama waka taputa [mipiˈjama ˈwaka tapuˈta]

10. mamala wüxükuwi [maˈmala wɨȿɨˈwi]

11. pawitsa i-ya  kitsapa-i  = one, 3-went foot-unpossessed  *

12. mipiyama i-ya  kitsapa-i  = two,  3-went foot-unpossessed

13. kamayukula i-ya kitsapa-i =  three, 3-went foot-unpossessed

14. mipiyama waka i-ya kitsapa-i  = four,  3-went  foot-unpossessed

15. mamala i-ya kitsapa-i   =  ten, 3-went foot -unpossessed

16. pawitsa taputa kitsapa-i  /or:  pawitsa i-ya kitsapa-i  = one, go to

17. mipiyama taputa kitsapa-i /or:  mipiyama i-ya kitsapa-i  

18. kamayukula taputa kitsapai

19. mipiyama waka taputa kitsapa

20. mamala kitsapa-i


Linguist providing data and dateː Dr. Angel Corbera Mori, Department of Linguistics, Universidade Estadual de Campinas ( State University of Campinas ), Brazil, March 21, 2009.

供资料的语言学家: Dr. Angel Corbera Mori , 2009 年 3 月 21 日.


Other comments: Mehináku speakers can count until twenty using the fingers of feet, but they usually don’t do it. It is very common to count using the numbers one to five, in other cases the Portuguese numbers are used (from six to twenty). Karl von Steinen (1886, 1942]) the Mehinaku speakers use the fingers of hand and the toe (feet) to count: one to five (hands), eleven to twenty (feet). Numbers 11-20 were recorded by Karl von Steinen.


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