Language name and location: Lahu Shi, Myanmar, Laos, China [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区黄拉祜语, 中国云南省, 泰国, 缅甸, 老挝


1. te˥

21.  ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩ te˥

2. ɲi˥

22.  ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩ ɲi˥

3. sʰɛ˥ʔ

23.  ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩ sʰɛ˥ʔ

4. ʔɔ˥

24.  ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩ ʔɔ˥

5. ŋa˥

25.  ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩ ŋa˥

6. kʰɔ˥ʔ

26.  ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩ kʰɔ˥ʔ

7. zə˦

27.  ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩ zə˦

8. hi˥

28.  ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩ hi˥

9. kɔ˥

29.  ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩ kɔ˥

10. te˥ tʃʰi˩  

30.  sʰɛ˥ʔ tʃʰi˩

11. te˥ tʃʰi˩ te˥

40.  ʔɔ˥ tʃʰi˩

12. te˥ tʃʰi˩ ɲi˥

50.  ŋa˥ tʃʰi˩    

13. te˥ tʃʰi˩ sʰɛ˥ʔ

60.  kʰɔ˥ʔ tʃʰi˩    

14. te˥ tʃʰi˩ ʔɔ˥

70.  zə˦ tʃʰi˩

15. te˥ tʃʰi˩ ŋa˥

80.  hi˥ tʃʰi˩

16. te˥ tʃʰi˩ kʰɔ˥ʔ

90.  kɔ˥ tʃʰi˩   

17. te˥ tʃʰi˩ zə˦

100. te˥ ha˩  

18. te˥ tʃʰi˩ hi˥

200. ɲi˥ ha˩  

19. te˥ tʃʰi˩ kɔ˥

1000. te˥ hi˥

20. ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩

2000. ɲi˥ hi˥


Linguist providing data and dateː Miss Naw Veronica, MA student, Department of linguistics, Payap University, Chiangmai, Thailand. July 30, 2013.

供资料的语言学家: Miss Naw Veronica, 2013 年 7 月 30 日.


Other comments: Lahu Shi has a decimal systems. The above data is taken from dialect of Lahu Meuneu (məŋ˥ nəŋ˩) spoken in Shan Stare of Myanmar. The language resource person said that his language is quite different from Lahu Shi which can be found in Thailand. I have heard Lahu Shi, Lahu Na but I have never heard of this Lahu Meuneu before. I search this language on the internet and it seems this Lahu Meuneu is one of the dialects from Lahu Na.


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