Language name and locationː Futuna-Aniwa, Vanuatu [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区富图纳-阿尼瓦语, 太平洋瓦努阿图南部富图纳-阿尼瓦群岛


1. tasi, tahi

21. roɡofuru e rua ko tuma tasi, rua tasi

2. rua

22. roɡofuru e rua ko tuma rua, rua rua

3. toru

23. roɡofuru e rua ko tuma toru, rua toru

4. fa

24. roɡofuru e rua ko tuma fa, rua fa

5. rima

25. roɡofuru e rua ko tuma rima, rua rima

6. ono

26. roɡofuru e rua ko tuma ono, rua ono

7. fitu

27. roɡofuru e rua ko tuma fitu, rua fitu

8. varo, varu

28. roɡofuru e rua ko tuma varo, rua varu

9. iva

29. roɡofuru e rua ko tuma iva, rua iva

10. taɡafuru, taɡofuru, mtaŋafuru 

30. roɡofuru e toru, toru rava

11. taɡofuru tuma tasi, mtaŋafuru tasi

40. roɡofuru e fa, fa rava

12. taɡofuru tuma rua, mtaŋafuru rua

50. roɡofuru e rima, rima rava

13. taɡofuru tuma toru, mtaŋafuru toru

60. roɡofuru e one, one rava

14. taɡofuru tuma fa, mtaŋafuru fa

70. roɡofuru e fitu, fitu rava

15. taɡofuru tuma rima, mtaŋafuru rima

80. roɡofuru e varo, varu rava

16. taɡofuru tuma ono, mtaŋafuru ono

90. roɡofuru e iva, iva rava

17. taɡofuru tuma fitu, mtaŋafuru fitu

100. t͡ʃintarau

18. taɡofuru tuma varo, mtaŋafuru varu

200. ruat͡ʃintarau  

19. taɡofuru tuma iva, mtaŋafuru iva

1000. mano

20. roɡofuru e rua, rua rava

2000. rua mano


Linguist providing data and dateː Dr. Ross Clark, Department of Anthropology, University of Auckland, New Zealand. March 11, 1994.

提供资的语言: Dr. Ross Clark, 1994 年 3 月 11 .


Other comments: Futuna-Aniwa or West Futuna has a decimal system different from that of East Futuna.


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